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  • Standard SIEMENS TP-700 control with 6" Touch Screen display.
  • SIEMENS Two-Axis CNC controls on back gauge and ram bending position.
    • Bosch-Rexroth Closed-loop proportional Hydraulic position control: repeatability standard at +/-0.0006", optional at +/-0.0004"
    • Backgauge position control: Standard CNC backgauge: speed at 200 IPM as per Demo Video repeatability at +/-0.003"
  • Programmable back gauge retract feature.
  • CNC bending angle control: Only inputs of bending angle, material thickness and die opening.
  • Two-way bending position controls: allow inexperienced operators to achieve desired angles with no time consuming multiple test bends. Save on costly skilled labor and test bend material.
    • By correction of test - bending angle, control system automatically sets itself to achieve desired angle.
    • By correction of bending position calculated automatically by control systems.
  • Dual Ram position feedback with hydraulic Synchronized control compensates for uneven force on the bend.
  • Tool memory for quick recall of tool setup.
  • 200 Job memory with average of 10 bends in each program.
  • Programmable pressure control.
  • Programmable ram delay control at bending position under adjustable pressure for bump bending or special heavy bending application.
  • Maintenance plan auto-prompts service schedule.
  • Operating hour meter.
  • Operating prompts and Trouble shooting messages.
  • Automatic conversion: Inch / MM
  • Y1, Y2 Programmable independently in angle or position.
  • Optional Servo CNC backgauge with ball screw and linear guide way.
  • Optional CNC crowning bed for automatic anti-deflection according to the tonnage on MBHSA model.


  • Ram speed control:
    • Rapid approach and return speeds insure more efficient production.
    • Programmable Slow bending speed for better control of bending accuracy
    • Programmable return speed
  • Ram stroke control:
    • Programmable ram top stop limit for more efficient production
    • Programmable slow working speed position and second stop position
  • Four Operating Modes:
    • Jog Mode: inching control of ram for tool setup
    • Single Mode: one full bend cycle per control input
    • Double Stop Mode: excellent for sight bend operations.
    • Follow Bend Mode: easy to follow bending and ram return on large sheet or with crane handling
MBHA 12220
MBHSA 10130
Max capacity - tons 220
Max bending length 144"
Distance between frames 122"
Depth of throat 12-3/4"
Length of ram stroke 8"
Max open height 14-1/6"
Main motor 15 HP
10 HP
Backgauge travel 28" 28"
*Many other sizes available. Call today with your requirements and a full quotation.

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  • Hardened and precision ground tool steel gooseneck punch: 53-58RC; 100 Ton/M (30 Ton/ft) capacity
  • Hardened and precision ground Masteel 10 openings, 4-way die: HB190-260
  • Bosch-Rexroth Hydraulic valve assembly for MBHA series CNC brakes
  • Masteel special punch holders accept both American and European punches with no need of any ram adaptor
  • Fully equipped with Masteel Easily adjustable tooling and clamping system
  • Versatile floating die clamping system
  • Masteel crowing punch holder
  • Easily adjustable wear surface on the ram to maintain brake accuracy
  • T-slotted bed for support arms or custom set-ups
  • Front support arm
  • SIEMENS compact control system - control system integrates CNC position control, hydraulics and electric control in one. Simple and uncluttered control components ensures year of quality performance on Masteel Brakes.
  • 12-3/4" throat depth with swing up clearance allows full length bend over bed up to 12" deep
  • American made motors
  • American made hydraulics. Simple hydraulic system for reliable performance
  • Quality made components: valves, pump, hoses and fittings